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GF Underberg - DE418180045705 - Branded Oldenburg International

Underberg is the only licensed stallion from the successful international showjumper ‘Up to Date 8’, who was campaigned by Michael Whitaker. He is a typically sporty showjumper but in a modern outfit and his stamp and breeding very much lends itself not only to those breeders producing serious showjumper prospects but also to those breeders looking to produce a quality sport horse or eventer.

GFH Stud purchased Underberg in 2008. He had managed to reach the final 25 stallions in the OS section of the Oldenburg licensing at Vechta in the November but he failed to license at the final hurdle. In all honesty at that time we had little idea that he would exceed all expectations and become such a successful young stallion, competing and winning against the best young stallions in Germany.

After he was purchased he was sent to Marco Philipp in Cuxhaven to be broken in and ridden and we thought probably castrated however it soon became evident that he was very talented and had an excellent temperament. At that point we decided to take a risk and keep in entire.

In the summer of 2009 Marco suggested we sent Underberg to Thomas Heineking. Thomas was a personal friend of Marco’s and had just finished second in the Germany Professional riders championship. Thomas also rode some of the stallions who stood with Gerd Sosath and occasionally rode the auction horses at Vechta. After three months Thomas suggested we consider sending Underberg to do his 30 day test as he believed this horse was good enough to be given his breeding license. After giving this some consideration – it is not cheap to put a horse through its 30 day test, we decided to ‘go for it’ and put him forward.

In the autumn of 2009 Underberg went to Schlieckau and completed a successful 30 test. – scoring 8.9 for his free jumping. He then had to be presented to the Oldenburg Verband at Vechta who would make their decision about a license. He had to jump a stiff course of fences in the main arena together with a usual ‘show’ for the panel. We were absolutely ecstatic when the news came through to us that he had left every jump up and performed in a totally professional and yes – he was awarded his stallion license. However in order to keep this he had to qualify for the 2010 German Bundeschampionat in Warendorf so the pressure was on.

In May 2010 Underberg jumped in his first M Class at Stadhagen as a prep for a Bundeschampionat qualifier – he won this with a massive score of 8.8. The next week he came second in the qualifier with 8.6.

In July he competed in the Oldenburg Championships at Rastede against some of the top young stallions in Germany. He was last to go in the Preis de Verbandes der Oldenburger Zuchter and watching the live scores come up in, we just couldn’t believe when he won with 8.9. A higher score that Diarado (8.6) and Califax (8.8).

In June 2011 Underberg finished third in his Bundeschampionat qualifier with 8.4, and gets his qualification for Warendorf in September. This also means he gets his lifetime license.

GFH Stud are delighted to be able to offer a licensed stallion, tested and proved both by the Oldenburg Verband and in the sport against the very best of other breeding stallions available.


Frozen semen only:
£450 plus VAT per dose
Discount for proven and returning mares

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GF Underberg
Branded Oldenburg International

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